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News studio
09 Mar 2016

I present to discuss ongoing projects. A fresh look from the side can not be overemphasized. See, speak out. Healthy criticism is welcome.

Barcelona, Spain
08 Feb 2014

Is of interest to the central part of the city, in which the structure gipodamovoy grid (grid) is implemented with an extraordinary scale.

According to the project design mini city starts construction
08 Feb 2014

While working on the project lands had to withdraw to the capital, in the "New Moscow." Naturally, these areas are now developing a new global master plan. Get a building permit in the new environment was quite difficult.

The German school of sociology of architecture
08 Feb 2014

Under the sociology of architecture implies a sociology of architecture, ie symbolic interaction between people through the construction and design space. As far as specific architectural design, and causes a prerequisite for choosing a certain demeanor, mode of action and perception? Functioning as the architecture of the system (in part) in the study of art. Sociology of housing and accommodation.

Housing estates on the example of "America's one-story"
08 Feb 2014

In the late 40s and early 50s in the United States began the process of suburbanisation (the mass migration of people in the suburbs (suburbia)). If you had a separate house with a plot of land could only afford a rich, new construction technologies (almost assembly-line production houses) to make housing affordable for ordinary Americans - a war veteran, an electrician, working, and so on. The American dream - a house, two Ford and 3 children - the beginning of the mass to be implemented. The first payment for the house was equal to $ 100, and the total cost ranged from 10 000 to 14 000 $.

In 1990 she lived in the suburbs of half the population of America.

Intensive process of suburbanization has become a national event and has generated a huge wave of criticism.

Housing estates and townhouses. Nontrivial solutions
08 Feb 2014

Implemented the most unusual solutions. The ideas of the author and economic considerations can transform the usual scheme of all recognition.

These different city
08 Feb 2014

Town planning - the science? And if the science is, what kind? Humanitarian or natural-scientific discipline? In any case, observations and analysis in urban planning is extremely important. Investigate the existing towns and villages.

Low-rise buildings
08 Feb 2014

In our region, low-rise buildings came into vogue, and is rapidly gaining momentum. I suggest a little comparative analysis of foreign experience on the example of the Turkish city of Marmaris.

Psychology of perception of visual information
08 Feb 2014

In the psychology of perception is an objective basis. As a result of experiments it was noted that despite the difference of the optic nerve and perception, certain images cause most people have the same emotional response or reaction, is very close to each other. In some experiments it was shown that both the content and shape of the image plays an important role for the same perception of different people. The objective basis of perception and visual imagery information related to the mechanisms of functioning of the human brain, as well as the functional asymmetry of his work.

Sociology of architecture
08 Feb 2014

Sociological theory of architecture. Place the sociology of architecture in the structure of general sociology, its relation to sociology and systems of sociology. Materials on the history and major areas of research schools in the sociology of architecture.

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