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Urban Development Project, "Sacramento-2"

Project is accepted by the customer and is being considered by the investor.

Introductory conditions:
In the south, in the vicinity of the land, the light rail is supposed branch;
LOS location and CBS could not be changed;
The estimated density of development in the 4500-5000 square meters 1 hectare;
Maximum number of floors of residential buildings: 9 floors;
Provide parking spaces for public parking in an apartment in the vicinity of the entrances of houses.

Situation plan and context territory

To the north, in the vicinity of the land is Gorky highway . Along the eastern verge of the site - a minor road , which we organize the main entrance . Municipal authorities provided to link the Eastern portion of the highway to the west . Thus, you get a secondary entrance to the building site . In the southeast portion of the cemetery , which captures the band SPZ within ROW about 50 meters wide . Along the southern boundary of the site runs a small picturesque creek.

In the vicinity of the south face area to be stopped light rail connecting Balashikha Moscow.

Street interaction and passive safety

Observations of life for citizens in the Dutch Masterplan realized at low-rise suburban mini- cities revealed a number of weaknesses of design decisions . First of all - the courts , which were conceived as a private secure area , and have been abandoned wastelands depressive . They can neither save through porches, nor equipped playgrounds and recreational adult population. Children and adults prefer to spend time on the streets, where there is always someone and something happens , and not in empty courtyards . This is not a revelation to our European colleagues, who found a Solomonic solution - they minimize or eliminate altogether the yard area .

We set out to fundamentally rethink principles of yard space and get rid of yard waste land , which greatly diminish the quality of life of citizens.

To ensure a high density of street interactions in the area of residential development forming local hubs of pedestrian traffic area of ??influence which (zone of visibility / audibility) overlap secondary streets and yard area.

Local hubs and pedestrian traffic areas of their direct impact

Extreme solutions yard space in European cities

In usual form neighborhood - a big problem in scheduler. This becomes obvious when observing the impressive results of quality and density of street interactions in areas of western European cities such deprived households.

Yard shall be in functional hubs pedestrian traffic, or courtyards linked with secondary streets in a single functional unit.

Conventional modern planners position can be expressed in one sentence - to bring people to the streets at any cost, to concentrate there all possible interests of citizens.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The Hague, Netherlands
Lisbon, Portugal
Paris, France

Technical and economic indicators

Land area - 60.1 hectares;
Building area multifamily dwellings - 91,322 sq m;
Sellable area - 280,088 sq m;
Density residential development sold - 4660 sq ft on 1 hectare;
Total flats - 4871 pcs;
of them:
studios - 3017 units (61%);
doubles - 1095 units (23%);
bedroom - 759 units (15%);
The area of ??the school - 3 hectares;
Area of ??the two DDU - 2 hectares;
Area of ??road surface - 92,394 sq m;
Area parking lots - 53,258 sq m;
Number of parking spaces - 4260 pieces

Doodling concept

For the project, the concept of "neighborhood core", which solves the problem of the formation of the neighbors yard communities for suburban natural social environment. In the city center - a vast park with children's playground. Achieved occupancy of streets in the central part due to the escape of the entrances of houses on the street. To the streets and yards of conservation of properties we have learned from them to park in separate parking boulevards.

Apartment graphy

Three-storey residential buildings
Seven-story residential building

Car parking

In walking distance from each household and a group of houses we will arrange parking multilane boulevards. Thus, we keep the streets and courtyards of their natural form and function.

In its new form boulevard parking naturally fit into the urban environment. Moreover, parking area Boulevards now multiplies the value of urban neighborhoods.


The concept of the core of the yard

First of all, we form the central core of yard space, bringing it all home with their entrances. This decision was dictated more questions sociology - we need to lay a foundation for the natural development of close suburban neighborhood communities.

The rest of the yard area, as well as the surrounding areas of the streets are in the area of ??direct influence of the core of our yard.

It is very important that this structure yard space to maintain the ratio of users "my house", "my territory." To our hard courts treated as a no-man's transit area.

Many positive forms of social interactions on the streets who enthusiastically described in the works of Jane Jacobs, based, ultimately, on the proprietary position of citizens of the territory.

"Not mine" - it means "strange" or "nobody's". This position can be quite destructive to exclude thoughtful organization of urban space.

Yards and neighborhoods in the southern part of the site

Entry to the yard
Plan view
The view from the windows into the courtyard

Provide initial occupancy central streets

Blocks of three-story apartment buildings

View from window
Entry to the yard

Neighborhoods in the north-western part of the site

Entry to the yard
The view from the third floor window

Mini city center

The level of social comfort to certain limits proportional to the density of street interactions. Obviously, in a situation of low-rise suburban sprawl should make every effort to focus the interests of citizens in one place - the center of the mini city . Using the principle of cross-use area. The most convenient way to walk to school , and the shortest - the tram stop. Children playground. Stroll park . Entertainment , shopping and sports complexes . Bus stop , the city's main transport artery . Of particular importance expressed center building - the city's main landmark.

Square with fountain

The city has to idle jerking the boulevards, parks and squares. Look at the cafe near the fountain. Ride a bike along the forest streams. Maybe even try to catch fish there?

Sit on the bench at the children's playground, in the sun watching the kids romp. Or go back to your yard, where the public is busy with flower beds and equip a new children's rocking-krutelku.

In this city you can find thousands of interesting lessons. Here - the natural urban environment. This is not a sleeping neighborhood.

Plan view

Extensive park with children's playground in the north end main entrance to the school.

A bus stop with a convenient turn-round. Walking area on the pedestrian boulevard along the forest river in the southern part of the site.

Shopping and entertainment complex:

a small movie theater, a bowling alley, a dance club, cafe, restaurant, shopping gallery. Cafe and restaurant overlook the park to the city fountain. In the park you can equip the outdoor cafe.



Small objects Street Business

Bank branches, offices, mobile operators, attorneys and notaries. Children's products. Stationery, gifts, copier and photo printing. Products proximity. Hardware. Plumbing. Electric appliances. All repair, trade format "1000 small things" and "all 40 rubles." And so on. More than 100 small business street will excuse their users once again be on the streets of our mini city.

The road network

The main road - the most convenient and a short trip by Gorky and Eastern Highway for citizens. Maximum of two turns from the main road to the most distant quarters.

Crystal clear for understanding street network motorists and pedestrians - one of the basic prerequisites.

Street views

Central boulevard
Entry in the mini-city from the Gorky highway
Entrance from Eastern Highway
Departure from the yard to the Boulevard
On the main street
Square in the southern part of the mini-city
On a minor street
On the main street
A view of the pedestrian boulevard of the forest river
Square in the south-eastern part of the mini-city
Central street, view of shopping mall
On a minor street to the east of the central boulevard
Secondary street in the eastern part of the building Secondary street in the eastern part of the building
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