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Architecture and urban planning concept of "Iskra"

Project is accepted by the customer and is being considered by the investor.

From the south-east to property directly adjoins pretty big forest lake. Its banks are certain to become a favorite place for townspeople. From the west boundary of the site lies in close proximity to the highway. These two factors dictate the structure-critical design decision - the main road connecting the mini-city highway and recreation area on the lake.


The site is located 6 km from the airport "Sheremetyevo". About 20 km to Moscow to Leningrad highway, with a left turn at the traffic light on the road to Moscow of "black dirt" with the release of the actual highway. Of particular importance is the proximity of Zelenograd (10 km), similar (6 km) and temporal (6 km). these cities are comparable to the distance from the capital of the projected area, with transportation to Lobnya preclude trouble with traffic. In walking distance from the land is the village Lunev. Its infrastructure includes a school, a kindergarten, a cultural center, sports and fitness facilities. In walking distance, in the village of Black Dirt, are stores Crossroads and METRO. Ten kilometers in Khimki, "Mega", "Auchan", "Ikea".

Sources of Community

Experience tells us that the active core of the new community will make settlers from nearby small towns and large suburban cities of Zelenograd, frontal, and similar. source much of our citizens serve the capital and more separated regions.

Situation Plan
The large-scale situation plan

Fundamental planning decisions

Context dictates a unique solution - the central street would connect the existing road in the western part with a seating area by the lake. One public and business area - in the central part connected bicycle lanes and pedestrian boulevard with a lake. Second - in the west area, with access to the transit road.

We exclude transit traffic from minor streets and combine them with yards in one functional unit.


Technical and economic indicators

Land area: 38,9 ha
Building area
multifamily dwellings: 71,136 m2
Sellable area: 170,726 m2
Density residential development selling: 4388 m2 1 ha
Number of parking spaces: 3274 pc
Total apartments: 3237 pc
of them:
studios: 2208 units (68%)
doubles: 720 pieces (22%)
three-room apartment: 309 units (9,5%)

Walking in the central core of the mini-city

Shopping and entertainment complex in the central square connects the lake pedestrian walking zone length of approximately 300 meters. Obviously, the shore of Lake Forest is a popular place for townspeople, even if the three-meter fence off its concrete fence. We can only carefully and thoughtfully dispose of the present context of the territory. We extend a picturesque pedestrian boulevard from the lake the next evident hub - shopping mall, and a guaranteed occupancy of the logical center of building.

Delivers yard function "pocket" secondary streets

The most important task in the development of urban space topology - to provide fullness street people. The easiest way to solve this problem - at the expense of diluting and minimizing yards. This technique is clearly contrary to the domestic traditions of the organization of urban space.

Solution can be found in the very formulation of the problem - to ensure the presence of people on the streets and in the yards at a time. Combine secondary streets and yards in a single unit.

Plan view
The views of the neighborhood, made ??in "pockets" minor streets, from the roadway.



In the area of ??direct influence yard traffic hubs in central pedestrian boulevards, organize playground for 3 (4) the court, which will serve 360 (480) apartments. Thus, we get a good initial occupancy playground, tangible support pedestrian boulevard and yard hubs.


Pedestrian boulevards

Pedestrian boulevards with playgrounds for children to play and the rest of adults in a safe place inside of the quarters.

They relate the neighborhood formed in the pockets of minor streets, yard traffic hubs, as well as the site for various purposes.

Of particular importance is the formation of pedestrian traffic. Reserve vehicles travel only where absolutely necessary. In our mini-city length of streets for pedestrians, excluding the possibility to travel in transport comparable to the long road of the streets. Passive safety at pedestrian boulevards ensured influence yard hub traffic.

Car parking

Of course, parking is not a place on the yard area. Bring them to the secondary streets, parking forming boulevards and even parks.

Parking area is comparable to the area of ??building residential houses even if the low-rise building. In the structure of urban space - this item is not as important as the house and the topology of the road network.


The road network

Boulevard, the main street

The street in which every citizen is an almost daily basis, should be particularly good. We accomplish this picturesque bends, changes rhythms homes and landscaping.

If the street sign on the plan the "main", it certainly will not be any in reality. It has to be the shortest and convenient way to achieve the objective set crystal clear across the topology of the road network for pedestrians and motorists. If an elderly person is not distracted from their current business and without hesitation, can briefly explain the way your contact on the phone, then the problem is solved.

Secondary streets and driveways

Due to the special shape of houses, we did exclude the monotony of the street views.

Rhythms of urban space will not tolerate monotony. Pedestrians and motorists while driving should open new unique views. Ample space should be replaced by narrow quiet streets and thoroughfares.

Of particular importance are city landmarks. If a person can not verbalize elementary own location in space of the city, it is the sense of danger, discomfort and subconscious rejection.

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