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Development of urban concept


Very fast and very cheap, you get the first 5-6 sketch of urban design study.
As a part of each of them:
                         development plan;
                         estimation of technical and economic indicators;
                         3d visualization;
                         Explanatory note with substantiation of design decisions.
                         Town planning study will be performed on the basis of your technical specifications subject to all applicable restrictions on land development.


Based on the discussion of preliminary design study we are releasing 2-3 version of the concept of building a deeper study of the design decisions.
As part of the concept of building:
development plan;
Plan external engineering networks;
Vertical planning area;
Floor plans of buildings and structures;
Sketch study facades with 3d visualization;
Refined technical and economic indicators;
The calculation of resource use;
Explanatory note with substantiation of design decisions.

Town Planning Board

We present options for the urban concept for town-planning council, investors, etc.
According to the results presentation are making all the necessary changes;
We would like the final version to the positive conclusion of the Town Planning Board, investors and others.

The Result

Information on options for land development to the extent necessary and longer enough for a balanced and informed decision about the project development;
Presentation materials and drawings for further work;
A positive conclusion of the Town Planning Board and other key bodies.

Experience We develop the concept of urban development for more than 5 years. More than 30 projects We have executed more than 30 projects in size from 0.3 to 170 hectares. More than 20 square km The total area of our projects - more than 20 square kilometers. Price 30 000 rubles/ha for the full set, from sketches to finished solutions.
The Economy. Effective solutions Only planning solutions we can reduce the cost of construction by 25%. A simple example >> Also at our disposal, building density, the density of the road network, the optimization runs of external engineering networks, effective solutions for land development and other tools.
We solve the problem of finding effective solutions to reduce the cost of the development project.
Reliability development project Expressive artistic image building - is augmenting the value of the development project in the eyes of buyers of apartments.
This advantage is clearly reflected in the rate of sales of housing stock.
We have developed an architectural concept for the project, in which the monthly sales volume 5 times (500%) than expected.
Look at the architectural concept >> We are developing an artistic image and the architectural concept >>
Our school - a two-year collaboration with Dutch colleagues on large-scale construction project near Moscow.
Formation of habitat for urban community and space-planning decisions - they are different unrelated tasks.
The topology of the urban space in fact society programs, forming, in the literal sense, patterns of interactions of street circuits in urban space.
The basic design solutions located in the coordinate system sociology instead architecture.
In urban concept we solve the problem of forming an inspiring environment, catalyzing constructive social interaction in urban space. Our projects are by definition socially oriented.
Vladimir Korbashov
Head shop Artpot
One of the leading Russian experts in the field of urban planning
Author of dozens of projects in different regions of the Russian Federation
Optimal planning solution Experience tells us that the optimal planning solution can be detected only in comparison options.
For each project, the first phase of work by several planners we perform a number of preliminary design study of urban development. The goal - to consider all reasonable packaging options territory and identify the optimal planning solutions.
Planning tasks

New Approaches to the environment leaves the decision of architectural space-planning tasks on the second plan. Indeed, the city - it's home-street-quarters? Of course not. City - is primarily a people. This is a complex socio-spatial and substantive education.

Designing the future of social space begins with planning decisions, since the topology of urban space - is the foundation upon which society grows. Formation and development of local communities is in fact programmed planning solutions.

Modern urban concept - a design of social and physical urban reality, social scenarios in urban space. social engineering urban communities and the components of the urban environment.

Model of a modern city - is first and foremost, independent and productive development at the expense of their own creative, organizational and physical resources. The model suggests the active involvement of citizens in the processes of urban development, the formation of points of growth from its own resources.

The concept of the modern city solves the problem of inefficient use of human capital, catalyzes the extremely positive structural social change.

In the creation of full-fledged urban and natural space the following tasks :

  • Socio- functional zoning ;
  • Creating the conditions for private- property relations of users of the territory ; Formation of natural traffic hubs ;
  • Passive safety ;
  • Exception functional monotony ;
  • Provision of filling the streets people ;
  • Formation of urban landmarks ;
  • Creation of conditions for the natural development of communities ;
  • Formation conditions for the prosperity of small business street ;
  • Topology street- city network in conjunction with the functional zoning ;
Executed projects:

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