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Development of urban concept
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Development of facades and architectural concept
Design of capital construction
Center for Applied Urban
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South Quarter, New Vatutinki. Development of facades
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In the creative team of the workshop - 16 perfectionists. We use modern technology and work organization design, very different from the usual schemes. 3D technology is turned upside down. Now drawings - a byproduct of the work of the designer.
Methods TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) in the design allow us to find non-trivial solutions and improve the economic efficiency of the project of building 15%.
Method Spiral model, we identify and solve engineering problems in all phases of the project.
Our ultimate goal - the introduction and development on building the concept of "lean manufacturing", based on the legendary philosophy and practice of "kaizen", stated the company "Toyota" in the mid 80-ies of the last century.
Working group of urban planning:
Three planners, engineers external networks, 3d visualizer, architect and team leader.
The Working Group design capital construction projects:
The chief architect, chief designer, designers, GUI Engineer HVAC Engineer EOM-CC, general layout designers, technicians, architects, team leader.
Design environment, the working group:
Designers, 3d visualizer, technology architects.

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