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-25% Of the cost of building

A simple example of how planning decisions can fundamentally improve the financial performance of the development project
Introductory conditions
So, a typical example: the project of four quarter trehpodezdnyh homes. Floors for us does not matter.
Cooking apartments
First of all, expand the house so that one-bedroom apartments can leave their windows on either side.
Extra entrances
Since the new orientation of buildings allows escape from apartment-"raspashenok", leaving only one entrance. Instead extra entrances (expensive encumbrance) - Floor area sold.
Increase the depth of the house
Pushing the longitudinal walls. With a slight increase in the area of overlap and the length of the transverse partitions we sold substantially multiply the square. In this house you can get any kvartirografiyu we removed all the restrictions. Sales department applauds standing.
O wonder!
We have increased the area sold three houses, each one-third. The fourth house is now possible not to build, that's savings! And yet - roads, sidewalks, external engineering networks.
Summary - we reduce the cost of construction by 25%
  • We have excluded from their homes 2/3 porches. Now instead of burden - selling living area;
  • We were able to fit into any home kvartirografiyu, though 95% odnushek. Cut into an apartment on a new house is not difficult.
  • We received excellent technical and economic performance of new residential buildings;
  • Our economy - the whole house!
  • And yet - roads, driveways, sidewalks, external engineering networks.
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