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Designing neighborhood

Moscow region, Sergiev Posad. Concept development and project planning area land area of ??15Ga Novouglichskogo near the highway.

Adopted by the investor and will be put to a public hearing in 2014.

Context territory

Relief is significantly reduced in the east-west direction . The site is adjacent to the floodplain valley Konchury in which the garage complex . To the east lies in close proximity to one of the main traffic arteries of the city of Sergiev Posad - Novouglichskoe highway. On all other parties plot located garage complexes .

PHC requirement to withdraw from the garage to the school grounds and POs at least 50 meters dictates only two possible locations of educational institutions - is the center of the site, or its eastern part . Central location eliminates the possibility to form a zone of public urban street interactions and link building into a single plan structure , so we have schools in the east of the site.

Land free from development . Since it offers scenic views to the west.

Situation plan
Basic plan
Area possible location of educational institutions

Basic Technical and economic indicators

Uch area - 146,162 square meters. m
The area of ??open car parks - 12677 m. m
The number of open parking spaces - 1015 m / m;
Total number of parking spaces - 1115 m / m;
Built-up area - 21483 square meters
Density - 13,242 sq m / ha;
Selling residential area - 145,010 square meters. m;
Number of apartments - 2900 pcs;
Number of inhabitants - 4143 people;
Preschool institutions area - 1.2 ha;
Area of ??the school - 2.1 ha.

main features of the project

  • Orientation residential buildings in the plan, as well as their planning decisions allow 25% reduce the cost of development district ; Formed
  • main shopping street ;
  • Secondary streets bear the additional burden - this parking boulevards ; Through
  • porches in residential buildings allow car traffic to make domestic territories ; Instead of standard solution
  • quarterly development - the concept of yard boulevards that perfectly proved themselves in Western Europe. Planning solutions we create crowded , lively and full-fledged urban environment of Western European cities .

Secondary streets and car parks

Transverse entrances of residential buildings allow almost completely make of car traffic yard area. Secondary streets - it multiband boulevards parking within walking distance from the entrances of houses.

Planning decisions multifamily housing

Urban development planning decisions involve the orientation of the bulk of residential buildings in the direction close to north-south. This allows you to increase the depth of buildings up to 16 (18 ) m, cut by two thirds the number of entrances , as well as to avoid the necessity to use the apartments " raspashenki ." This principle allows the planning of residential buildings use almost any kvartirografiyu up to 100 % of one-bedroom apartments , as well as a 25 % reduction in cost of the entire project development.

We have developed several standard sections with through entrances , which used 3 types of facades. Thus was formed visually full and diverse urban environment .

It is particularly noteworthy that the cost of facades presented in the draft , several times cheaper than bricks .


Main street, urban area public interactions

Our main shopping street - is primarily the most convenient and logical entry into the neighborhood from the highway Novouglichskogo by road from the city center. We explicitly denote the interior of the buildings, streets , forming a full-fledged natural urban environment. Wide pedestrian boulevard , trade and service enterprises on the first floor , as well as a pocket with the courtyard functions provide cross- utilization of the territory in the morning , afternoon and evening .

A small chapel and stunning views from the street to the west - one more reason to be on the main street of the neighborhood .

Yard area

Form a secure private area with a high density urban street interactions. Instead of the usual quarterly construction yards for Dakar - picturesque city boulevards with the courtyard functions.

Transverse porches in homes to minimize car traffic.

Examples of functional yard on city boulevards

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