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Designing residential complex

Moscow region, Sergiev Posad concept development and project planning area of the land plot of 2.4 hectares.

Project approved at a public hearing in December 2013 and accepted for execution.

Context territory

Projected urban streets restrict Land on all sides. On the southern side of the site - planned multi-storey buildings on the north - areas of individual dwelling.

In the north-west of the projected area - land raznoetazhnoy residential development, which requires linking into a single planning decision and to provide overall project into two sections of territory planning.

Condition of the city administration - to fulfill the project in 9 floors in the south and a maximum of 6 floors - in the north of the site.

Situation plan
Basic plan

Basic Technical and economic indicators

Land area - 2.4 ha ;
Built-up area of multifamily dwellings - 5419 sq ft ;
Including :
Six-story building built area - 2556 sq ft ;
Nine-storey buildings built-up area - 2863 sq ft ;
Selling residential area - 30,827 sq ft ;
Number of apartments - 620 pieces ;
Number of residents ( with 35 square meters per person ) - 880 people ;
The area of ??open parking spaces - 3928 sq ft ;
Number of parking spaces - 314 m / m ;

Project Features

  • Orientation residential buildings in the plan, as well as their planning decisions allow 25% reduce the cost of development district ; Through
  • entrances of residential buildings would create domestic territories completely pedestrian ( sidewalk pavement allows for passage of heavy fire fighting equipment )


Planning decisions multifamily housing

Residential buildings have a depth of 16 (18) m, from 6 to 9 apartments per floor. Planning decisions buildings allow to realize almost any kvartirografiyu, since the orientation of most buildings is possible to exclude the apartments "raspashenki."

Developed several standard sections that we used in two versions facades.

Yard area of pedestrian

In the project, we took as a basis the experience of forming a comfortable environment in residential areas European colleagues. A distinctive feature of such projects - it is completely pedestrianized area backyard.

Examples completely pedestrian courtyard area in completed projects

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