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Etnoposelok within the project of infrastructural development in the region "Lefkadia"

Krasnodar region, Crimea region. Development of policy planning decisions land development area of ??40 hectares.

Infrastructural development project involves the creation of the territory of the whole Crimean driver Krasnodar region. In addition to residential buildings and social infrastructure creates jobs and tourist center.

Project approved by investor and accepted for execution.

Context territory

Situation plan

In the north, directly adjacent to the site of the village Moldavanskoye . Bias towards the north- west-south east reaches 200 ppm , the average value of - 150 ppm.

Situated on a plot of two oak trees and spring , several monuments capture their sanitary protection zone fragments land.

Section runs through a local road that connects the village Moldavanskoye and federal highway A- 146. In the vicinity of the south-west of the site are a large artificial lake on which coast is projected large medical complex .

In the west of the site are designed vineyards and elite cottage settlement .

Basic Technical and economic indicators

  • Plot - 40Ga;
  • Built 3-storey multi-family houses - 34898 sq.m; Sold
  • living area - 68,051 sq ft;
  • Number of apartments - 1361 pieces;
  • Population (estimated at 35 square meters per person) - 1944 people;
  • area of ??open parking spaces - 17738 sq.m;
  • Number of parking spaces - 1419 m / m;
  • total area of ??plots for individual housing - 60563 sq.m;
  • Number of sites for individual housing construction - 57 pcs;


    Planning decisions

    Typical unit area - a union in one functional unit of minor streets and yard space . Thus we provide the highest density of street interactions. Topology of the road network , we exclude the possibility of a transit yard units of motor traffic .

    The project includes a tennis school , hotel and shopping complex with underground parking, an outdoor theater , a museum of retro , Orthodox church. The central shopping area is tied to the village 's transit Moldavanskoye and formed according to the principle adopted in medieval Western European cities . All transport arteries oriented traverse the terrain.


    Sketchy proposals for multi-family residential buildings

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