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Development of a new city district for individual residential construction

Voronezh region, Panino district, village Panino. Development of architectural and urban concept and project planning area.

Project approved at a public hearing, approved by the Mayor in the fall 2013 and accepted for execution.

Context territory

Land area of ??35 hectares in size 840 by 540 meters , bounded on the south-west of the existing low-rise buildings on the east and south- east - a picturesque pond. On the waterfront , in the northeastern part of the area is equipped with a city beach . The projected area is divided into 6 sections of forest belts . On the eastern verge of the site, along a stream , passes forest belt with old trees spreading width up to 70 meters, which is equipped with a large number of natural places for townspeople .

From the existing building plot separates several power lines and urban diversion unit in the southeastern part of the projected area .

Arrangement of the elements of the planning structure within the city
Basic plan

Formation of privat-proprietary relationship to the territory

Perhaps the first thing you pay attention to our compatriots in European suburban developments - no fences.

This observation usually results in an emotional conclusion : " Oh! Civilization . Not that our savages ... ", which has no relation to reality. In some developed European countries up to 35 % of the population can neither read nor write. For our neighbors to the west a level of development which our country has achieved in the era of the Soviet republic - is unattainable.

Natural cause of fences - this separation from someone else's personal space or a draw , and the height of buildings is inversely proportional to the level of public safety grounds.

Comparison of our sample area of low buildings with similar help the further development of European thought.

So, Malmo (Sweden) and Elista ( Kalmykia).


From the viewpoint of the observer street - two essentially identical street. Series of assorted fences allows accurately determine the domestic construction.

The primary analysis of these illustrations draws our attention to one difference in essence: Elista directly on the urban highway overlook private ownership. In Malmo - life goes on somewhere in the hinterland , and the highway go deaf ends houses.

Plan view reveals major development projects to the authors :

Malmo transit highway has no home to nothing . They are serviced by a secondary street , conceived exclusively for the private use of residents. Transit on the streets so uncomfortable , and sometimes just physically impossible , for example, because the mouth of the street comes to its source ; In Elista street private use not as a class.

Malmo, view the site development plan
Elista, the view of the site development plan

Topology of the urban space , our Western colleagues form the privat - possessiveness users to its territory. Well, who would ever think to divide their territory fence ? " My Street ", " my territory " - reason for the lack of fences and high level of passive safety and order , as well as a high degree of social responsibility. Throw a cigarette butt in the midst of his lawn ? No, of course .

Here there can not be anonymous relations , neighbors are at least familiar . Stranger as a potential source of danger is the increased attention and is always under the supervision of cross- residents.

Malmo, views of the minor street

Fundamental planning decisions


Basic Technical and economic indicators

Area municipal plots for individual housing - 95266 sq.m ;
Number of municipal land for individual housing construction - 89 pcs .;
Area of ??plots for individual housing construction sites in the territory of the integrated development - 70750 sq.m ;
Number of plots for individual housing plots on the territory of the integrated development - 64 pcs .;
Total area of ??residential buildings - 23250 sq.m ;
Number of inhabitants - 612 people ;
Pavement area - 42,194 sq ft ;
Area of ??the PO 165 seats - 5838 m ;
DHS area - 7771 sq ft ;
Area sites for sport and recreation - 2588 m ;
Playgrounds area - 1200 sq.m.

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