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Designing residential development

Republic of Karelia, the city Kostamuksha unit D. Development of Architecture and urban concept development district, project planning and land survey (PPT)

Project approved at a public hearing, approved by the Mayor in December 2013 and accepted for execution.

Analysis of the situation

Adjacent to the new territory microdistrict jaded commercial enterprises of every persuasion . Along the perimeter of the projected area - 6 (!) And public parking garage complex . In the central part - frozen construction of a multistory building .

In the southwestern part of the plot , in a picturesque hollow , developed natural place for townspeople . Relief is significantly reduced in the east-west direction . On the site there are rock outcrops .

Development of the road network of the city , represented by the Master Plan , the site suggests the designed street in the west-east and north-south street .

The projected area (Block D) on the master plan of the city Kostamuksha
Basic plan
Context territory
Situation plan
The projected area is covered by forest

Architectural portrait of the city

The legacy of the Soviet era the city went to the original residential buildings by Finnish contractors. Formed the image of a modern European city, which, of course, should be developed into a new neighborhood.

Sociological portrait of residents

Kostamuksha - enclave , separated by two hundred kilometers away from the nearest Russian taiga large settlements and federal highway R-21 . Located 30 kilometers from the border with Finland. The city was built to serve Kostomukshinskogo GOK. Well-paid job provided almost all the inhabitants of the city.

No Karelian dialect . In a conversation in street interactions , people are most similar to the prosperous metropolitan vacationers. Characterized by an open mind, serenity, confidence in the future .

Citizens patriotic, mostly occupied by active citizenship. It is worth noting the high level of security on the streets, as well as the discipline of the townspeople. Entrances are usually fully glazed . Throughout the city we could not find any ads pasted . Nor on poles or on the entrances of apartment buildings. The city is also not one first-floor window with metal grating.

Fundamental design decisions

In support of filling the existing urban streets in the city administration had decided to place the two DHS. Having two transit streets project dictated the development of urban road network. We maintain our natural place for townspeople in the southwestern part of the plot and develop them in the landscape recreation park.

To the existing construction of a multistory apartment building in the central part of the plot, we bind the main street of the project, as well as pedestrian traffic hub.

Merge yards and secondary streets in one knot
At the heart of urban solutions is the concept is well proven in the cities of Western Europe. The importance of ensuring a high density of social interactions on the streets justifies any means. Instead courtyards and minor streets - boulevards with the courtyard functions.

Thus, we obtain the desired density of street interactions, form a comfortable and safe social environment.

Views of the yard boulevards of the third floor windows

Plan development district

main technical and economic indicators
ROW area - 182227 sq.m ;
Built-up area of apartment buildings - 19682 sq.m (10,8%);
Selling residential area - 41,294 sq.m;
Number of units , total - 652 pcs .;
Number of inhabitants ( based 24kv.m/chel ) - 1720 people ;
Population density - 94 persons / ha ;
Pavement area - 24,945 sq ft (14 %);
Road parking area - 11998 sq. m (6,59%);
Number of parking lots - 956 pieces (206 % of the standards. SNIP 2.07.01-89);
Area of ??the PO 218 children - 0.85 ha (estimated requirement - 146 seats );
Area sites for sport and recreation - 3593 sq.m (104.4 % of the rules. SNIP 2.07.01-89);
Area children's playgrounds - 1226 sq.m ( 101.8 % of the rules. SNIP 2.07.01-89);
Green area - 29320 sq.m (284 % of the standards. SNIP 2.07.01-89 ) .

Orientation residential buildings in terms dictated by the considerable slope in the direction east-west, home is located on a slope traverse.


Logical center building

Hub pedestrian traffic area and public street urban interactions
Pedestrian boulevard connects the existing shopping mall outside North Antikainen the street . On the pedestrian boulevard goes POs extensive recreational area , the projected traffic hub with a children's play hockey town and the box , and of course , yard boulevards in convenient walking distance and the line of sight .

We use the principle of cross-use area. If you organize the most luxurious relaxation area - it risks becoming depressed areas abandoned if dalliance remain its sole purpose. Our core should be linked to major transportation arteries , small business street , parking lot, in the end. The overriding attraction for people is the presence of other people . We thoughtfully fill every possible area of ??the core interests of the neighborhood residents - get a fulfilling , socially comfortable , inspiring urban environment.


Functional unit of minor streets with the courtyard areas (yard boulevards)

The distance between buildings on the boulevard - 38 meters, dividing shelterbelts - 30-60 meters. The topology of the road network virtually eliminates transit on the boulevard of yard, so we exclude strangers (outsiders) from the area of residential development, support private-possessive attitude of the townspeople to its territory, obtain socially comfortable and safe urban environment.



Examples of removal of yard functions for urban boulevards

Buildings in the northern part of the site

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