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Development of new urban neighborhoods planning structure

Sverdlovsk region, city Severoural'sk. Development of architectural and urban concept development, project planning and land survey

Project approved at a public hearing, approved by the Mayor in January 2014 and accepted for execution.

The existing situation, the context area

Developed on the land buildings residential buildings at 9 and 5 floors , as well as dilapidated housing - two-storey wooden barracks . In the city development plans Severouralsk worth demolition of barracks and the construction in their place new three-storey residential buildings.

To the east of the projected area , across the street Vatutina - Office main enterprise ( bauxite mine ) . City center building Stalin era is one kilometer to the west -southwest . To the west of our area - inactive industrial enterprises in the north - a fire station in the south - the garage complex .

Planning elements of the master plan for the city
Basic plan


Fundamental planning decisions

Context dictates a single territory plan's task - to form the epicenter of residential development of the city as we are in the immediate vicinity of the main enterprise offices . Density of development should be approximated to that of Stalin building downtown.

We solve the following problem :

  • Provide high density street Budyonny interactions on the street connecting the city center district ;
  • create conditions for the development of neighboring communities ;
  • connected into a single plan structure of existing neighborhoods and new homes .


Combine secondary street and yard in one functional unit


Take out the yard in the "pocket" city street

The main value of urban space - is people. Our task - to ensure the presence of people and create conditions for their constructive interactions. Budyonny street connecting the city center district, needs the support of filling the people on the one hand, and she can help the new planning structure to provide high-density street interactions.

Here planning decisions in the coordinate system of sociology literally turn inside out conventional solutions architect - instead form a closed courtyard, we put it together in one functional unit with space Budyonny street .


Associate new planning elements existing neighborhood

View from the north of the existing yard
View from the south of the existing yard

Drawing development


The architectural concept of building

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