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Designing libraries

It is no secret that the habitat affects the behavior and mindset of people. In world practice environment design public easements - is no longer the scenery. We know the tools of forming a space, which catalyze the development of constructive behavioral patterns. You can say that the design environment is now in the coordinate systems of sociology and psychology.

Library as a center of social and cultural transformations of the city

Library design - a complex interdisciplinary task. We come to deal with it professionally, but unconventionally - using modern concept sredovye design . Environmental approach originated in the design library , then when the center of the design was made man - in all the diversity of its socio-demographic and psychological qualities and properties , which means that targets and preferences , values ??and lifestyles of the behavior in the architectural space. You take into account the real user behavior strategy in space. The most important principle of internal space for us is the condition of formation it optimal , balanced system of " person-environment " . This requires the identification of such characteristics object space environment that are not only high professional , but also psychological consumer values ??.

Environmental approach to libraries, as well as the problems in urban spaces has the potential revolutionary shift in thinking. However , a new vision of the library as a subject sredovye design, encounters an obstacle habitual thinking professionals , the resistance of traditional institutions and agencies . Until recently, designers are passionate about libraries were different " attributes of modernity" ( from the library robots and ending mini planetariums ) . Gradually , this fashion had passed . The reader will not fall for the bait similar attributes - he needs a real service , real comfort and high quality interior. Moreover , high quality not in terms of a librarian , but from the perspective of the reader , and in accordance with the requirements of modernity.

For us, the library design - it's not embellishment , which sometimes err librarians and crafts in its purest form . For us - it is a tool for creating harmonious , inspiring and developing the interiors . We are not afraid of bold architectural and interior design solutions. Our team consists of experienced professionals , both in paper and electronic library technologies , as well as designers, architects, engineers, equipment , and other specialists . We work with leading Russian and foreign experts in the field of library spaces . Integrated design provides efficient investment and effort when creating a new interior of your library.

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