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South Quarter, New Vatutinki. Development of facades
Design of capital construction:
Three-storey house on 18 apartments Apartment block variable height Draft project of residential complex A three-storey residential building with 60 apartments
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Two-piece apartment building variable height

The main technical and economic indicators
Building area: 1265.9 m2
Total area: 4060.3 m2
Sellable area: 3088.3 m2

In the development of this project, it was decided many architectural and design tasks. In particular, the developed measures to protect the building from noise and vibration impacts of the shooting range and helipad located nearby. Decisions to ensure high energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of the projected building through the use of modern structural and insulating building materials.

Developed a complex system of reinforced concrete piers and walls, working together with monolithic disks overlap, which allows owners to change the layout of the apartment, without affecting the supporting structures.

In this project complied with the requirements of the Order of the Government of "Organization of transition to energy efficient lighting." To illuminate stairwells, corridors and other common areas are used lamps with energy efficient fluorescent lamps, lighting control is carried out automated.

Design decisions take into account the requirements of the federal program "Accessible Environment", providing free access to the building with limited mobility.

Design solutions residential building construction allows maximum use of the volume of the building, reducing the ratio used and sold area to the most optimal ratio.


A constructive scheme, which allowed the use of monolithic reinforcement of bearing structures of less than 100 kg / m3.

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Want to know more or to order services design studio? Phone: +7 (916) 746 2803 Contact: info@artpot.ru

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