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Draft project of residential complex

Problem statement

  1. Establish a quality living environment at the level of the best world samples;
  2. Develop facades, attractive art image building;
  3. Minimize the cost price of building planning solutions;
  4. Get the most salable area.
  5. Take into account the limitations of building on the land dictated by the PHC and the decisions of the municipal authorities (the maximum number of storeys - 9 floors in the south of memory and 6 - in the north);
  6. Proceed with the parity between the two owners of the land designated for development;
  7. One-bedroom apartments should be at least 50% of the housing stock.


We have decided to use the depth of the typical sections of meridional direction gallery type. This can significantly reduce the cost of building. More details >>

Overall dimensions of the buildings are practically on the lines limiting development.

We developed two variants, which are used in typical meridional section of different sizes.

Studios were 23% in the first embodiment, and 26% - in the second. As you well know, this is the most powerful and advantageous position in sales.

In the first version we got sold 14,384 square meters per 1 ha, in the second - 14 464 sq.m. Buildings in the 6th and 9th floors. MOPs (common areas, unsaleable area) amounted to 13.1% in the first embodiment, and 12.37% - in the second).


The first option, the main technical and economic indicators



Planning decisions of residential buildings in the first version

Section №1
Section №2
Section №2 (end) - 9 floors, Section №3 - 6 floors
Section №4
Section №5

The second option, the main technical and economic indicators



Planning decisions of residential buildings in the second version

Section №1 (9 floors) and №3 (6 floors)
Section №2
Section №4

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