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Development of urban concept
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Design of capital construction
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South Quarter, New Vatutinki. Development of facades
Duplex neighborhood
Secondary street
The central shopping street, public space
Shopping area on the main street
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Urban Development Project, "Sacramento-2" Architecture and urban planning concept of "Iskra" Designing neighborhood Designing residential complex Etnoposelok within the project of infrastructural development in the region "Lefkadia" Development of a new city district for individual residential construction Designing residential development Design of cottage settlements Development of new urban neighborhoods planning structure
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New center of Moscow

The project is approved by the customer, and entered in the package of the investment contract.

Context territory

Fundamental planning decisions

The scheme of organization of traffic

The main traffic hubs - shopping area, walking the green area, entertainment center, strung on a central street.

Development plan

Two-level covered parking with roof-operated lawn adjacent to their homes, have access directly to the entrances of houses. The project provides on-site parking for the apartment, within 50 meters from the entrance. Of these, two thirds - in closed parking lots.

Size of quarters. Increased density of development on the intra-species. Heterogeneity and a visual completeness. A lot of small individual shops, cafes, and anything else, instead of gathering under one roof, a huge shopping complex.

Schematic diagram of a typical unit development

Units built form secondary streets.
Operated two-tier roof covered parking
Amsterdam, separate access to the street from the first floor apartment
Residential building with access to the outside of the ground floor apartments

Functional zoning

Secondary streets to serve the main part of the residential development
Duplex neighborhood

На второстепеной улице, вид с автомобильной стоянки у ДДУ №1 Secondary street

Вид из окна на центральную улицу The central shopping street, public space

Город для пешеходов Shopping area on the main street

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